The InkJournal Blue Notebook is the first ever pen and ink focused paper product I have used. Prior to using the InkJournal Notebook to catalog my currently inked pens, I used to randomly record them in my journal or on random sheets of paper. There was no structure and I was not able to keep track of the records because searching through a 400 page journal that is half full is pretty challenging.

So when the InkJournal team was looking for folks to review their products, I was more than happy to try it out and write a review!

This is how I used to record currently inked pens.

To be honest, I like the concept of a separate notebook to catalog inks and currently inked pens. I find it quite convenient to have this information all in one easy-to-access and organized location. The templates that come with the InkJournal can be used to either catalog inks or record the currently inked pens. So far I have one notebook to do both but you could choose to maintain a separate notebook for your ink catalog and currently inked.

I found the information in the catalog to be fairly “intuitive” and only the bare minumum information is required for the currently inked records.

For the ink catalog, there are more details like nib width, saturation, flow, shading, dry times and comments.

The best part about the template is the ink swath section. I just enjoy scribbling in the area and watch gorgeous inks shade, sheen and flow on the Tomoe River paper. I think Tomoe River was the perfect choice for the InkJournal because it tends to bring out the best properties of inks exceptionally well. I can’t think of any other paper that I’ve used to be as good as Tomoe River when it comes to showing of the ink. The only downside of using Tomoe River is that you can use only one side of a sheet due to ghosting. For this application though, I think that is okay.

The booklet I received is the pocket version of the notebook. Though I like the portable size, I might upgrade to a larger size just so that I can fit more on a single page at least for the currently inked purpose. For the purpose of cataloging my inks, I think the smaller pocket notebook is perfect because it fits just one ink on one page and has just enough information on it to be useful to me.

My verdict about this product is that it is at least worth trying. I used to be of the opinion that I do not need a special product to catalog inks and currently inked pens but I realized that I was not managing my existing resources well enough for this purpose. I do see myself using this product and only if it becomes cost prohibitive will I stop using it and find alternative ways to get the task done. How strongly would I recommend this product? On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being do not recommend at all and 10 being you cannot live without it, I’ll go with a 5 because there are ways you can do it without buying a product specifically for the purpose.

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This product was sent to me for review purpose. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions and experiences are my own after using the product for a few months.