Welcome to my pen review blog!

I have been fascinated by pens since a very young age though I don’t know how and why. This fascination has only grown and the FountainPenNetwork.com fueled it into a full-fledged hobby. I love reading and watching pen and ink reviews. I know I should also be contributing to the community with my experiences since I have been collecting and using fountain pens since 2007. Hence this blog!

I collect pens to use them. So most of my reviews will be from a pen’s usability standpoint. Hopefully I can help someone choose their next fountain pen! However, I’d like to make it clear that the reviews are based solely on my experiences, which could be drastically different from someone else’s. I understand that in some cases my experience could be an anomaly and I am not trying to imply that everyone’s experiences are going to be like mine.

Please enjoy my reviews and constructive criticism is always welcome!